Wednesday, September 2, 2015

 Back To School. Do you know of three words that instill fear in the minds of children? It seems we just got through July 4 and then the summer is over according to the retail sector. I don't have kids so I am off the hook when it comes to BTS. Or so I thought. 

It seems this year adults are getting into the BTS mindset. In the past few weeks, I have had quite a few inquiries from people who are interested in getting their homes in order. Some have goals attached to deadlines, others have just had it and want to make major changes in their living space. I think so many of us at this point in our lives are tired of being bogged down by stuff. We want to see some actual space and ‘air’ in our homes and feel lighter when entering their home.

So unlike parents who are  buying supplies for their kids new school year, the people I am encountering are doing the opposite. They are reevaluating their belongings and realizing they can downsize and survive.  I know I am taking advantage of this seasonal change to evaluate my ancient electronics and the piece of furniture housing them. I’ve decided to recycle the electronics. The stereo stand was gone in less than an hour by putting it on the street. Now I have a small table for my TV and DVD player and it just feels better. 

I’m not saying this process is without pain, many decisions about what to get rid of can be uncomfortable but when one is motivated, like my three newest clients, organizing and disposing of items becomes so much easier. Does this transition into Fall make you want to clear our your space but you’re not sure where to begin? Contact me for a free consultation. 

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