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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Best wishes to all my readers for a clutter-free 2011!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

At Your Service

With less than a week until Christmas, I'm guessing some of you have visions of flat screen TV's, iPads, and Kindles dancing in your head. But have you thought about what you're going to do with your old electronics?

While reading a post on the Manhattan User's Guide ( a few months ago, I discovered a service that I think we could all use... The 4th Bin (

The 4th Bin is the only NYC company that has door-to-door pick up of e-waste. For a small fee, the company will pick up unwanted or unusable electronics and recycle them responsibly. This was music to my ears since it really pains me to see electronics put out for the trash with no consideration for their environmental impact.

Thankfully, The 4th Bin founders, Michael Deutsch and John Kirsch are affecting change one borough at a time. While it is illegal in NYC to mix electronic waste with normal trash, the City has yet to find an ethical disposal method. Seeing an opportunity, Michael and John created a model that makes it easy for residents and businesses to get rid of e-waste. According to The 4th Bin website, here is how the process works after it is picked up: "Your e-waste is then driven to our Local Sorting Facility, items are separated and classified as either 'reusable' or 'recyclable.' Items classified as 'reusable' are refurbished and sold at discount prices on eBay, Craigslist, or through Terracycle. 'Recyclable' items are sent to our recycling partners for processing. The 4th Bin only uses e-steward certified recyclers for our electronic waste! During the processing phase, items are shredded, refined, and finally resold on the open market. These materials are used to create new products. No items that we handle are exported!"

I didn't relish the idea of hauling a 20" analogue TV to Best Buy nor did I know what to do with a broken carbon monoxide alarm or paper shredder, so I decided to give The 4th Bin a try. The entire experience couldn't have been easier. I clicked on the website: and input my info for a price quote. I immediately got a call from a 4th Bin employee to discuss pick up dates and prices. The price was a steal -- $30 to pick up my three items; it would have cost me that much in taxi fare to recycle at Best Buy plus no wear and tear on my body going up and down a flight of stairs. I was hooked and scheduled an appointment. Pick-up day arrived and so did John and Michael on time! In a matter of minutes, my items were whisked from my apartment out to the truck and I reclaimed some floor space - a premium in a studio apartment.

Customer service is definitely a company forte. At one point my appointment had to be rescheduled and Michael called me directly four days in advance, to ask if it was okay to make another date. I was so impressed with my experience that I wanted to find out more about this company to see if there was any way we could collaborate. After a great meeting, I decided to spread the word about The 4th Bin amongst my client base. Michael and John very kindly offered to list me as one of their recommended vendors for their America Recycles ( initiative last month.

Currently, The 4th Bin services the five NYC boroughs, but there is talk of expansion to the tri-state area. I can't wait until this is a national movement and our curbs are no longer littered with unwanted electronics.

Why not start the New Year with a clean slate and conscience? How can you NOT AFFORD to do this????

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last Minute Gift Idea

Only one week until Christmas and still stuck on what presents to buy?

Consider the gift of de-cluttering.

This present is timeless. Think of friends who are moving and need help; someone with a baby on the way who needs to make room for the new addition, seniors who are downsizing and are overwhelmed or a professional whose office clutter is affecting his/her work. Don't fret if someone lives out-of-town, Clarity offers travel or Skype services.

Gift certificates are available starting at $50 for one hour. Just think you won't have to fight store crowds or sweat delivery by Christmas and you're helping someone might not be able to organize on his/her own.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Update on Office Re-Org

Wk.2 working w/ Keys To Clarity Coach, Louise Crooks to create a serene office. This week more of the floor appeared and the library was weeded out.

We're taking a break for the holidays, but that closet is next for 2011!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The End of An Era

Well after nine years, I am now rid of my last 'Harvest Gold' appliance. I use a stove rarely - really only to boil water so I was okay with my 40 year old enamel model. But when a client decided to renovate her kitchen and said she was junking her 12 year old white stove, we talked about me taking it for my house. After numerous consults with other homeowners and coordinating the logistics of transport and installation thanks to some very talented and generous friends, I am now the proud owner of an upgraded stove. Yes, I am still using it for making tea since I NEVER cook, but at least it makes the kitchen a bit more modern and matches my other appliances.

It did pain me that my old stove was not going to be re-used. However, the oven had some rusting damage that I thought even dumpster divers would not appreciate, but it worked fine and was not dangerous. Luckily, this week is my town's bulk pick-up so they will discard it for me or so I had planned until a few minutes ago. A gentleman driving down the street saw my stove as well as a dishwasher that had been added to the pile and asked if he could take them. I was thrilled to know that these items were going to be used and not contribute to our area's appliance graveyard. It's amazing how a measly $20 investment has reaped such huge dividends!

BTW, if you like to keep your carbon footprint low like me, consider donating your unwanted household appliances and materials to your local Re-Store which benefits Habitat for Humanity. Go to: to find locations and details for donating.

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