Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Struggling with what to buy Mom or  another important woman in your life this Mother’s Day? With the holiday less than a week away, how about the gift of decluttering for the woman who has TOO MUCH of everything?

If you’ve been encouraging her to get rid of things but she’s resisting, give the perfect gift: a decluttering service with no judgement but lots of sensitivity to the emotions surrounding items. 

Book a virtual or in person session for FULLY VACCINATED clients only. Contact me for details or select a time via Calendly@ fromclutter2clarity.com.    Looking forward to helping your special someone clear her path to happiness!🥰

Friday, April 23, 2021

I've been listening to many podcasts over the last year.  
One podcast stood out for me and offered guidance during these uncertain times. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to be a guest on Your Practical Magic with the effervescent hosts, Noreen and Gennifer before 2020's year end. Have a listen and let me know if I can help you clear your path to happiness


Don't Dump In Landfills.Recycle Your Sneakers!


Do you have pairs of worn-out athletic shoes taking up valuable space in your closet? Or have the kids outgrown theirs? Well, I just bought new sneakers yesterday and wondered how to dispose of my old unusable ones. I'm not a believer in contributing to landfills and always advise clients to recycle or re-use. I was thrilled to discover this recycling program @Nike. They have a recycling initiative for all athletic shoes/any brands. When you send in your shoes, they may be turned into the next playground you see. Ship shoes to:

Rebound-GRIND, 199 Pearson Pkwy, Lebanon, IN 46052. Visit @ go.nike.com/8X7dmf_aAO for more details of this wonderful eco-friendly program. Mother Nature will thank you! #FromClutter2Clarity #Nike #EarthDay2021 #ShoeRecycling

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The Next Best Thing To Being There

Since lock down 6 months ago, I switched my decluttering practice from in person to virtual. Some of you have adapted really well to this change and are maintaining your organizing systems. For those of you who have decluttering issues but aren't exactly sure how virtual sessions work, let me explain. Think of it as therapy for your physical space.
Why Go Virtual?
Sessions are generally more cost effective since the average booking lasts 1-2 hours instead of longer blocks of time. 
Everyone has access. You, your mother or friend who lives across the country but needs help now can have it without paying for travel expenses since virtual decluttering offers the flexibility of working in any time zone.
Virtual sessions can help you achieve a goal or meet a deadline – this is always a great impetus to tackle clutter.
If you’re nervous, you can choose to reveal as little or as much of your space as you like. You’re in total control of what I see. I’m not here to judge.
Depending on your location, I can offer resources and make arrangements for donations, disposal, etc. since getting rid of unwanted items is half the battle of decluttering.
You can book a free 15 minute consult or paid hourly sessions on my website, FromClutter2Clarity.com On the appointed day, I will contact you via phone or a choice of digital platforms. Once connected, I will survey your situation and give you ideas and be there working screen to screen with you to help you conquer your issues. 
While I may not be able to do my usual in person heavy lifting, you will still get my personal touch as I will be working with you side by side to go through paper piles, overstuffed cabinets, and refresh out -of - control rooms. I won’t leave you to deal with your clutter problems on your own because let’s face it, if you could deal with clutter on your own you wouldn't’ need me! 
So if you’re feeling overwhelmed and finding it hard to manage or thinking about a space refresh but don’t know where to begin, or have some questions, get in touch. See you soon!


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Friday, September 4, 2020

Small Task Big Impact

I’ve never been a fan of this time of year – the pseudo end of summer, but this year the last week of the season feels even worse. 

For some of us, summer has allowed us to take a breather from COVID-19 by being outside and doing lots of activities. With cooler weather around the corner, the idea of being indoors may remind  you about a project you want to tackle but wonder what’s the point? I get it. 


With so many world issues in our face every day, feeling helpless or anxious is normal; which is why taking control of something within your realm can help allay those feelings. 


Do you want to refresh your home, carve out a more workable home office now that you won’t be returning to a company space, or just clean out that kitchen cabinet that has been bothering you but keep putting off? Whatever the size of the task, addressing it will make you feel better. 


For me, it was a change up in how I organize my cosmetics in my linen closet. I had a selection of baskets, trays, etc. but nothing worked. I couldn’t access an item without knocking over others or having to move things around to reach. 

 I was inspired by a divided Lazy Susan at The Container Store  but didn’t want to spend the money. So I shopped my inventory of organizing items and found an unused  2 tier Lazy Susan I had taken when clearing out my mom’s apartment. It was a snap to put together and in less than an hour, I created a stress less experience that put my items at my fingertips.  Now when I am looking for my moisturizer or aspirin, it’s just a twirl away and no longer  a Rube Goldberg situation. 


Any way to minimize stress right now is a big win so why not go for that tiny change with a huge impact! All you need is an imagination and the time to make it happen. 


Let me know what’s on your mind and we can devise a plan to bring back the serenity in your life. 



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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Clean Sweep 2019!!

In some cultures, it is customary to do a deep clean of one's home to be ready for the new year. I am doing a little of that myself as I am happy to see this year become a memory and welcome some peace and positive experiences in the coming year.

If you are cleaning now or thinking this weekend might be a good time to get things in order, remember to take it slowly. You didn't accumulate all your stuff in one day so be realistic about how much you can accomplish. If you find yourself getting frustrated or distracted, take a short break and think about what you really want to accomplish.

And of course, if you want to declutter but can't face it alone, get in touch. I can help!

All the best for a happy, healthy and organized 2020!

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Mise En Place

I spent a fun Sunday helping a couple in Brooklyn organize their new kitchen. They moved into their new apartment two weeks ago and I was extremely impressed by their progress. Their home looked like they had been there forever! The one area that needed some help was the kitchen. In just a few hours we rearranged cabinets and drawers so now this food loving couple has a more efficient cooking and prep area.

We repurposed a fabulous armoire into a pantry/china cabinet. Their still is some work to be done to maximize storage but for now this kitchen is mise en place.

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