Monday, September 14, 2009

Just Say Ahhhh...

I received a lot of positive responses to my last posting about my struggle with packing up my house. Some readers were riveted and can’t wait for the next installment. I’m not sure my current situation constitutes enough for serialization but I will keep everyone updated on my further adventures of garage hell!

I took a bit of a break from writing due to an influx of visitors. It’s hard keeping things orderly when I have a nephew sneaking yet another crab trap into my garage or beach items being used constantly. Now that everyone has gone home, I am left again to face the demon garage. The house is not rented yet, nor do I have any prospects, yet I am trying to get as much advance work done without having to live in an empty space. I spent part of the holiday weekend sorting through my beach chair collection. Once I whittled down which ones were keepers, the rest went to the curb with a big “FREE” sign. By that afternoon it was one chair gone and as of yesterday the rest were taken too.

The largest item I have to dispose of is my mother’s 1970’s wall unit. I spent earlier this week posting the sale information on craigslist and prepping copy for eBay. Once I sell this piece I think I will be at peace because I will have gained more storage real estate in the back of the garage. So maybe my anxiety is for naught as my sister (and next door neighbor) announced that she is going to use her house instead of renting it out. This news means that some of the items I worried about storing may now have a temporary home next door. Ahhh…

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