Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sort-Out Saturday

Yesterday was "Sort-Out Saturday" with a Teddington client. The task was to take the children's mancave and turn it into a den for dad. Within a few hours we made great progress, despite my client being on crutches! It is a work-in- progress, which I will continue to monitor via Skype when I return home.


  1. Can I take a "rain check" and sort out today? Your client looks quite happy with his sorting. I may need some advice when you return as I start to move my "extra" dishes into the new dining room for greater use.

  2. what an amazing experience - even tho' 'scratching the surface' of my clutter-itis, Rosemary has given me enough impetus, and friendly advice to continue the fight against it for months to come! thanks A