Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clarity Now Offers Skype Services

For those of you who need my help but can't afford the expense of getting me to come to you, here's an alternative that allows us to work together virtually.


New De-cluttering Business Uses Skype For International Expansion

New York, New York, USA

July 25, 2010

From Clutter 2 Clarity, specializing in personal organizing and de-cluttering is now offering international clients the same services offered domestically.

According to owner, Rosemary Flannery, ‘I am an avid traveler and in talking to people along the way, I have recognized clutter to be a universal problem. Now I can work with clients via video conferencing tool, Skype to help them lead a lighter life. All clients need to do is download the software.’

Key to Ms. Flannery’s de-cluttering strategies is to get clients to confront the clutter in their lives. When she is not present, Skype provides a window into the client’s world. Using the Internet for dialogue, clients must look at each item, discuss and defend it, and make a decision about how the item fits into their life.

Ms. Flannery has been working very successfully with some London based clients using Skype. ‘It allows my clients to recognize how their physical clutter is directly related to their mental well-being.’

From Clutter 2 Clarity, is New York City area based practice that works with clients to teach them how to improve their residential and commercial spaces by facing their clutter accumulation. The company specializes in a an eco-friendly aesthetic and offer clients resources for re-using and recycling of items as well as personal shopping and design consulting. Rates begin at $50 per hour with a two-hour minimum.


CONTACT: Rosemary Flannery

From Clutter2Clarity@gmail.com



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