Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The End of An Era

Well after nine years, I am now rid of my last 'Harvest Gold' appliance. I use a stove rarely - really only to boil water so I was okay with my 40 year old enamel model. But when a client decided to renovate her kitchen and said she was junking her 12 year old white stove, we talked about me taking it for my house. After numerous consults with other homeowners and coordinating the logistics of transport and installation thanks to some very talented and generous friends, I am now the proud owner of an upgraded stove. Yes, I am still using it for making tea since I NEVER cook, but at least it makes the kitchen a bit more modern and matches my other appliances.

It did pain me that my old stove was not going to be re-used. However, the oven had some rusting damage that I thought even dumpster divers would not appreciate, but it worked fine and was not dangerous. Luckily, this week is my town's bulk pick-up so they will discard it for me or so I had planned until a few minutes ago. A gentleman driving down the street saw my stove as well as a dishwasher that had been added to the pile and asked if he could take them. I was thrilled to know that these items were going to be used and not contribute to our area's appliance graveyard. It's amazing how a measly $20 investment has reaped such huge dividends!

BTW, if you like to keep your carbon footprint low like me, consider donating your unwanted household appliances and materials to your local Re-Store which benefits Habitat for Humanity. Go to: to find locations and details for donating.

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