Sunday, March 9, 2014

Busman's Holiday

So many of my clients think I live in a pristine, always put together environment, but I hate to tell them they are wrong. Working and managing my life can be challenging especially over the last year with my rebuild. So I found it very interesting to read a recent post on Unclutterer about how even organizers need to take time to get organized.

For the last six weeks, I have been moving gradually into my new home in New Jersey. As  I adjust to my rebuilt space, I am going through items that survived Sandy, things I haven't thought about since family and volunteers packed me up over a year ago. It's actually been kind of fun and even easy to get rid of items I no longer need. My garage sale box is overflowing already and now that I've discovered the local scrap yard, so is my metal pile. My niece is a partner in an online vintage site in LA,  so I have been preparing a box for her too.

This weekend my goal was to get my bathroom linen closet in order - it is the last piece of the puzzle to complete the room. Thanks to a good friend who came over and sorted and folded my linen collection. I was able to get this done. While unpacking today, I came across my aunt's vintage Heller tray from the '70's. My instinct said to put it aside for the future yard sale, but then it's unusual shape inspired me to cull bathroom cosmetics.

Next week, I am tackling a pile of clothes in my bedroom in between priming my new china cabinet. I cannot wait!

Do you find it easy to edit your home? Tell me how you cope.

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  1. That tray works great for cosmetics! Congrats on re-establishing your home!

  2. Thanks Tom. I am exhausted. Looking forward adventures with you and your new urban pad.

  3. are those lots of hand-written letters under the tray? Looks intriguing!

    1. Keen eye Adam. It's shelf paper that has a French letter motif.