Friday, September 3, 2010

Drill Baby Drill

Even though I have been a homeowner for nine years, today I officially became one - for today I used a power tool! Ever since my uncle gave me his old school Black and Decker electric drill, I have been afraid of it. My sisters and friends have hear me whine how I want to get things done but am afraid that I will make a mistake that I can't fix and thus not complete the task. Today was different... my oldest sister, a homeowner veteran, came over to help me hang some artwork so while she was there I showed her a curtain rod and tiebacks that have been sitting in a cupboard waiting to be hung. I got out the drill and she proceeded to show me how to measure, choose drill bits and then the nuances of using a "chuck." Within an hour, I became a drilling fool and kept trying to find things I could hang up before putting the drill back in the cupboard. Now that I am no longer a drill virgin, maybe I can now master the art of using a roller and tackle the repaint of my bathroom!

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