Sunday, September 12, 2010

Recycling At Your Service

Many people I speak to want to get rid of items to create more space in their lives, but when it comes to disposal, they don't want to take the time to recycle or re-use items appropriately. Instead everything goes into the trash and then lives in a landfill for years to come. I always try to discourage this practice but the response I get often is something like this, 'I don't know where to drop off or donate or I'm too busy to find out or don't care.' Pretty harsh huh -- this attitude kills me.

Well for all of you who are swimming in clutter yet have items that can be re-used, this service may solve your problem. I just received in the mail a postcard from The United War Veterans Council in NYC. They are having a pick-up in my NJ town on Wednesday, September 22 for clothing, household items, toys, small appliances, etc. They have a particular need for knickknacks, so this may be the time to get rid of that annoying Hummel collection you inherited that has been taking up valuable real estate in the attic. The great thing about this organization and some other charities, is they provide a plastic shopping bag so you can leave your items at the curb along with your postcard and they will pick up on the scheduled day. You don't have to be home; all you have to do is call ahead and put your address on the pick-up list. What could be easier. Contact them today for a full-listing of needed items and to get on the list.

1-888-821-8982 or

Don't you feel lighter already??


  1. I've used groups like this before. All it requires is a few minutes to gather up "the stuff" and walk it to the curb. It's kind of like having "recycling elves."

  2. The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund has been doing the same thing in Southampton NY. They make it very easy and leave a form for your tax deduction. I donated this summer.