Monday, May 7, 2012

The Doctor Is In!

So often people I meet tell me they need help organizing yet they are afraid to take the step fearing that an organizer will be mean or judging once they reveal their space. This was the case of one of my recent clients.  The experience of guest blogger, Dr. David Milkes should allay your fears. If you're floundering in a cluttered environment, consider working with a personal organizer. If you have recently organized an area in your home or office, why not share your tips with us and post on the blog.

I had wanted to clean up my office for a long time, but I just could not get motivated to do it by myself.  I met Rosemary when she came over to our house to help my wife with a project.  I had never heard of an organizer before, but when I saw how well she worked and how quickly she was able to organize an area, I realized she was the person to help me "unclutter" my office.

I was dreading the clean-up project of my office to the point that I could not sleep the night before.  I had diplomas to hang, boxes to empty, papers to sort out, book shelves to arrange, and equipment to store.  But soon my worrying turned into focusing on the job, and Rosemary and I got straight to work.  First we laid out and mapped the arrangement for all the diplomas.  Then we hung up all the diplomas and pictures. 

 Then we got everything off the floor.  That is a rule I learned -- "get everything off the floor."  Then, we started tackling one task after another, and before I knew it, after about 4 1/2 hours, everything was done!  My office looked fabulous and completely neat.  I could not believe it.  Where had the time gone?

Once my office is organized, I can keep it that way.  Three weeks after the project, I am happy to report that all remains neat and clean.  I am grateful to Rosemary for her energy, efficiency, and motivating force behind getting my office in order.

David Milkes, M.D.

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  1. great stuff Rosemary - from my experience of doctor's offices, you should be in great demand both sides of the Atlantic - keep the good work up!

  2. You are right that once a place gets organized, its a lot easier to keep it that way. I still have some problem spots in the house, but someone like RF with a great eye for organizing, can really help get you focused on results.

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