Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stake Your Claim

 Another great observation by Unclutterer - see link below. A client of mine sent me the NY Times article referenced and we both commented on the refrigerator clutter correlating to one's mental state. The other thing that struck me is the amount of items kids have. So many of my clients consult me to help them deal with their kids' growing list of possessions that take over the entire house. I have a few thoughts on addressing this concern. Teach your children at a young age that every item has a home and that is where a toy, clothing, etc. goes after use. If you missed that boat and have older children, at least teach them to be considerate of their home and possessions that you, the parent, worked hard to attain. They need to get in the habit of putting their stuff in their own room or a designated "home" while developing respect for their family and their possessions.

If you are having issues tackling clutter, consider the services of a personal organizer to help you reclaim your space.

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