Monday, August 13, 2012

The Urge to Purge

If there is one word to sum up my summer so far, it's PURGE. Since June due to a relationship gone wrong and an overall feeling of having too much, I have been going through all my stuff at the beach house and my apartment. Getting rid of people and things that no longer enhance my life can be tough but in the end it makes me feel so much better. I now have a line of things that need to go out of the house to the local thrift shop and to a friend who is furnishing a weekend place.

Funnily enough as I have been going through this clear-out, some of my friends have confessed that they too are trying to rid themselves of excess items. Dan attempted to conquer his basement and remove boxes that have been sitting there for a number of years unopened. A cut foot derailed that task but I hope he will get back to it soon. You don't have to go it alone Dan, I can help you on Skype! Another friend lost his job unexpectedly so he has been examining his family expenses and slashing costs to save a substantial amount. He feels much more grounded.

In the midst of all my purging, I have actually come across items that I may not have been crazy about beforehand but with a coat of spray paint, they have a new life. i also removed a larger towel stand from my bathroom and replaced it with something smaller, put it at an angle and this small room isn't so stuffy any more. I had the good luck of finding a set of Marimekko bedding in my fav thrift shop, St Jude's in Highlands. The entire set was $7.50 - quite a steal!

My apartment which I tend to neglect in the decorating department also go a spruce up. After a Spring trip to LA, I was really inspired by the airiness of most homes and wanted to capture as close to that feeling as I could.  I got tired of the leopard and black furniture.  A friend gave me brightly patterned drapes that were left in her new apartment. She hated them , I loved them. They are adding a splash of color as a replacement for my closet sliding doors. After years of ignoring, I finally mastered the art of putting on a duvet cover. Helpful hint: use binder clips to keep the corners in place. With neutral bedding and another set of hand-me-down curtains for my windows, I feel like I am living in a new studio.  I am even contemplating spray painting my media stand and slip-covering my bed frame. Walking into these spaces, I leave the stresses of life at the door and have two havens of tranquility.

What are you doing to lose some of the things in your life that are dragging you down? I'd love to hear your comments. If you can't do it alone, consider working with a personal organizer to help you P-U-R-G-E!

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