Monday, September 10, 2012

Floor Plan

I had a small window to get this craft room into shape last week. It was a blast opening up this creative space for J and her daughters. We are 90% done with just a few items to add to the back door to gain more space as well as to add some color to the walls. It was important to have items accessible for the girls, so I put items at their level and in most cases in clear containers. Next step, hanging the girls' dress-up costumes on the wall for inspiration.

The girls' bedroom is still a work-in-progress but I'm teaching them how to care for their toys and books and return them to their designated homes. Their mom is keeping them honest by having them clear up before going to bed which is a good method for even adults to practice. It took me most of the day to clear out the various bins, shelves and under bed containers. More to come on this project. These are the before photos.

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