Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Urge To Purge

The shopping bag method mentioned in this recent Apartment Therapy post definitely works for me. In fact, I am going even further and practicing "the box method" at the moment. As I continue to settle into my newly-remodeled home, I have been uncovering items I really don't need or suit me any more. What to do with these items at this time of year?  I am  having a yard sale!

Before you hunt for bargains at the Atlantic Highlands Town Wide Yard Sale next Saturday, be sure to stop by my multi-family sale  in the neighboring town of Highlands.

We are offering selections  ranging from architectural salvage, vintage housewares, linens, boat/ship bells, and horns to estate jewelry. Here's a preview of some of my
items for sale.

These lights are brand new unopened in the box. I have 2 of the double vapor jar lights and one single. All are in painted aluminum finish and wet weather compliant, perfect for beach living.

These glasses are from a long-gone East Village restaurant, Sugar Reef.

The fabric and beading on this top are in excellent shape. It just needs a new zipper for those of you who are handy or have a good seamstress.

Spread the word. I hope to see you there.

Saturday, May 17  
296 Highway 36 (across the road from Kavookjian Field)
8:30AM - 2PM


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