Sunday, May 8, 2016


I can’t believe it is May already and this is my first original post of 2016! I actually had a lot to say after the New Year began in order to get you on the right path to a clutter free space, but in mid-January, my family and I experienced the loss of our mom. It was a shock to say the least since she was in seemingly good health and her death just felt surreal. I have a very close family and we all used our respective skill sets to plan a simple and happy memorial for her. It was during this time that it really hit me how influential my mother was on my career choice. She was the original organizer in the family and even in death made a painful time easier because she had her directives written down as a blueprint for us to follow. Now her preparation has inspired me to follow her lead and get my wishes in place though I have no immediate plans for them to be put into use!

As a single mom, (before that term was even coined), she multi-tasked while working full-time, going to college at night and bringing up four children. Weekends were spent taking care of us as well as cooking for the week and studying.
We lived in a modest home but everything in it had a place. We were taught from an early age to return things where we found them and not leave our stuff in common areas of the house. She even enlisted our help, so my siblings and I had chores to do on a weekly basis. Twice a year, she had us go through our toys and clothes and assess what should be kept or donated. This training has paid off as adults because my sisters and brother and I are very good at keeping clutter at bay.

When I decided to pursue de-cluttering in between producing gigs, my mother was my biggest supporter. She was always coming up with ideas or connecting me with people she met at her apartment complex who she thought could benefit from my services. Thanks to her, I increased my exposure and got my first speaking engagement. I’m just sorry she didn’t live long enough for me to put her on a retainer! So Happy Mother’s Day, mom! You may not physically be here, but your presence remains strong and influence endures. 

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