Sunday, June 5, 2016

Decluttering Is Easy!

One of my good friends and recurring client, food writer, T.W. Barritt has used some of these rainy weekend days to become inspired and tackle problem areas in his house. Here is his latest progress and what he has to say about decluttering.

Rosemary, you have inspired me to approach decluttering and home organizing by setting small achievable goals.   And, your advice to take things out and look hard at them is so important.  Recently, I realized my kitchen utility closet had become completely stuffed with plastic supermarket bags.  The mess wasn’t even registering with me anymore, until I found I couldn’t pull a step stool out of the closet because of all the clutter.  This morning I emptied the entire cabinet, and bagged up four trash bags full of plastic bags.  Now, the utility closet holds just two step stools and some kitchen aprons.  It is right-sized for it’s intended use, and I’m feeling really good having wrapped up a defined task and having improved the functionality of my kitchen at the same time.  As always, thanks for the inspiration!   T.W. Barritt   

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