Thursday, June 17, 2010

Organization Is Possible

It's always thrilling when clients check in with me to show their progress on their organization journey. I get very excited when I hear that so much of what we discussed during our sessions is now being learned and put into practice. I have one client who is a convert to The Container Store. TCS should be thanking me for all the money she is putting in their coffers! I'd like to share with you what a client wrote about her Clarity experience to see that all things are possible when it comes to organization!

Rosemary has been helping me systematically purge my house. We started with paperwork (which I am overrun with due to my freelance business on top of my regular job).
I was so inspired, I started clearing out one closet at a time on my own, making it though four so far. I have donated clothing, books, etc. She came over... recently and we began tackling the garage.
There is nothing like friendly support when you're in the trenches!!! If you need help, contact Rosemary, she's better than psychotherapy and makes a fantastic gift for yourself or someone who has everything literally!

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