Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Silence IS Golden

Today I had the pleasure of taking the Hampton Jitney to Manhattan from Long Island after an extended stay on Shelter Island. The Jitney strictly enforces a no cell phone policy and limits calls to emergencies with a three minute maximum. How refreshing to find a place finally where I don't have to wear my ipod to avoid cluttering my brain with other people's mundane phone conversations. Clutter isn't just physical - it affects our mental health as well and I for one, hate being distracted by a conversation of people I don't know nor am uninterested in hearing about. I try to block it out but it's hard when the person is usually talking above a normal decibel level. I applaud the Hampton Jitney for creating a transportation haven where passengers can read, crochet or just look out the window, in silence. I wish more venues would follow their example so we can all relax and keep room in our brains for information that is meaningful to us. What are your methods for keeping your mind clutter-free?

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