Thursday, June 3, 2010

This Could Be You

I just had to share a testimonial from my one of my latest projects. You may remember that I spent almost a month in London working on making a client's flat feel "more grown-up." Here are some before and after shots. You too can achieve this same level of satisfaction. Contact me for a consult.

Hiring Rosemary was literally the best thing I’ve done in years! I was so sick of looking at all the clutter in my flat that had been accumulating and expanding for years and years and thought, what is one thing I could do for myself that would have a huge impact on my life, and my solution was, get Rosemary over to London and let her loose on my flat. Then from the moment she arrived her enthusiasm for de-cluttering and providing the most useful tips on keeping things tidy and in their respective places was just incredible-and contagious and after 2 weeks of Rosemary transforming my flat, drawers and cupboards I have continued to utilise all her useful tips and hints to ensure I didn’t go back to my old ways. In addition to transforming my flat, Rosemary tackled my huge “to do” list of things like, get a repair man in for this and that and I am happy to say that after 11 years in my flat I finally have beautiful gas fireplaces, smoke detectors and an intercom that actually works! I can’t thank Rosemary enough for all her hard work, enthusiasm, dedication and wonderful guidance in making my living space and life so much less cluttered and relaxing-she’s like a magic wand that EVERYONE who knows her should make use of-she’s just fantastic!!!

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